Leaks, Cracked or Broken tiles, Roof over 5 years old?

Roof Inspection Tips

Just like with your car, it’s far more cost-effective to properly maintain a roof than replace it. Thanks to our glorious weather here in Arizona, it’s very possible to have roof damage on your property in Phoenix without knowing because it rains so infrequently. However, when it does rain, especially during monsoon season, our storms can be intense and damaging, especially when the inevitable hail storms arrive.

Roof damage that goes unnoticed will eventually worsen, and can even threaten the integrity of your roof structure… leading to more expensive roof repairs in the future. To make sure your roof is in tip-top condition, use these guidelines to determine if you need to have your roof inspected.

Your Roof Needs Immediate Inspection If…

  • You see evidence of rats, birds, bees or other pests
  • You see evidence of a leak and/or storm damage
  • You see evidence of cracked, broken and/or missing tile or shingles
  • You experience an intense hail storm or lightening strike
  • When you're purchasing a home

Your Roof Needs An Annual Inspection If…

  • You have a flat roof
  • Your roof is close to a heavily landscaped area
  • Your roof is over five years old
Roofing Tips

Your Roof Needs a Bi-Annual Inspection If…

  • You have a tile or shingle roof that has areas not visible from the ground

What Does a Roof Inspection Cover?

Our comprehensive roof inspection packages are undertaken by our experienced, professional, insured, and reliable superintendents. Items that are inspected include, but are not limited to:

  • Seals around roof penetrations, such as skylights and plumbing jacks
  • Checking valleys and gutters for debris
  • Identifying cracked, missing and/or broken tiles
  • Flat roof condition, checking for evidence of ponding water, debris and scuppers
  • Condition of flashing
  • Condition of underlayment
  • Nailing pattern
  • Overlap

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Licensed Roofing Contractors In Chandler

If you’re looking for roofing companies in Chandler, visit the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to carry out a contractor search to verify that contractor you’re considering has a current license in good standing with the AZ ROC.